jesse tyler ferguson justin mikita children 'Modern Family's' Jesse Tyler Ferguson wants 'a Kate Gosselin situation' of children

“Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is currently in the honeymoon stage with his new husband Justin Mikita. Four months after tying the knot in Manhattan, the couple has one thing on the mind: babies.

During an interview with People, Ferguson says he wants a “Kate Gosselin situation” when he and Mikita start having children. So what does that mean? “At least eight, minimum!” he jokes.

With Ferguson edging towards 40, he says that whatever his male version of a biological clock is, it’s ticking. “In the next four, five years,” Ferguson says of when he’d like to start having children. “I’m 38, so you know, I don’t have a biological clock, but if I did, it would be ticking.”

Ferguson and Mikita announced their engagement in Sept. 2012 after dating for nearly two years. This is a first marriage — and will be first children — for each of them.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz