modern family ty burrell dating elle getty 'Modern Family's' Ty Burrell reflects on dating and his 'almost grim' one night stand

It’s hard to look at “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell today and think that he ever could have been clueless about dating. Yes, we’re kidding. It’s totally believable and Burrell admits that he pulls a lot of his sometimes tragically oblivious character on the ABC show, Phil Dunphy, from his own life.
In an exclusive interview with, Burrell opens up on dating in his grad school years at Penn State University when he lived in his van to save money and describes the only time he has ever had a one-night stand as “almost grim.”
“When I was younger, I was unaware that I had no prospects,” the Emmy-nominated actor tells the site of dating during his earlier years. “I remember being just completely hurt and baffled when I would get dumped. And then I’d get back in my van, turn it on to get the head going, and say, ‘What is the problem with these women?'”
Could it be the fact that he was living in his van? Nah.
And while he wouldn’t say he was a lady killer in his younger days, Burrell says he did have some luck in the dating department – save that single one-night stand that still haunts him.
“I was never a particularly promiscuous person,” he says. “And I had some short relationships, but I only had one true one-night stand. And it was one of the least pleasant experiences of my life. I would take it back if I could…”
“It wasn’t traumatic,” Burrell, who has now been married since 2000, insists. “I have nothing against one-night stands. I just wish this one had been better. It was almost grim, if sex can be grim.”
Sounds like it could be, Ty.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog