molly shannon the talk telemarketer Molly Shannon reveals her worst odd job ever: Telemarketer

Molly Shannon one of the most legendary actors to come out of “Saturday Night Live,” but she wasn’t always a household name.

Shannon stopped by CBS’ “The Talk” on Wednesday (Nov. 20) to talk about all the odd jobs she held before making it big in Hollywood. “I was not very good. I really struggled,” Shannon says. “I took any jobs I could to make a buck.”

The worst job she ever had? Telemarketing. “I got a job telemarketing selling office supplies,” Shannon says. “It was a miserable little office in Hollywood. I did it for ten minutes and asked to go to the bathroom. My supervisor gave me a key, and I left and went to my car and never came back.”

Shannon also talked about how she keeps her work and personal life separate, and doesn’t let her kids watch her old “Saturday Night Live” episodes. “They don’t watch them. I like to keep it low key,” Shannon says. “I don’t really talk about what I do. I lead a totally normal life. I feel like I don’t want to take away from their time with me.”

Although Shannon revealed the one time she showed her daughter a magazine that had a photo of them in it. “Once I showed my daughter a paparazzi picture in Us Magazine, and she loved it,” Shannon says. “She went to camp and took the issue of Us, and was like do you know why I’m reading this magazine? Because I’m in it.”

Shannon will guest-star on “Raising Hope” as the supervisor at a grocery store this Friday (Nov. 22) at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum