jennifer finnegin jonathan silverman red carpet 325 'Monday Mornings': Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Silverman play doctor togetherJennifer Finnigan was happy enough to land her latest series job, not anticipating her spouse also would end up on the show.

The former star of such series as “Better With You” and “Close to Home” plays one of the surgeons in the Dr. Sanjay Gupta-created, David E. Kelley-produced TNT drama “Monday Mornings,” premiering Monday, Feb. 4. Another familiar face weaves in and out of the show wearing a white professional jacket: “Weekend at Bernie’s” alum Jonathan Silverman, Finnigan’s husband.

“That sort of came about last-minute,” Finnigan tells Zap2it. “When I got the part, [Kelley’s fellow executive producer] Bill D’Elia called to congratulate me, and I was in the car with Jonny. Jonny had done a pilot for David Kelley years ago, something about a wedding planner that didn’t get picked up, but he’d had a really nice experience.

“I said to Bill, ‘I’m in the car with my husband, and he sends his best.’ He said, ‘Who’s your husband?’ I said, ‘Jonathan Silverman.’ And he said, ‘You’re married to Jonathan Silverman? We love him! We’ve got to find him something.’ So there’s this doctor in the show, a small part, but fun. His name was McMillan, and very quickly, it changed to Lieberman.”

A three-time Daytime Emmy winner from her tenure as Bridget Forrester on CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Finnigan says that after his work in the “Monday Morning” pilot, Silverman “ended up doing four or five episodes. He just sort of comes in and out briefly, and he provides the show with a levity that it kind of needs.

“It’s nice, but I always worry about spending too much time together, all day and all night,” Finnigan allows. “We have such a beautiful thing going — we’ve been together 8-1/2 years and are extremely happy — I never like to rock the boat. At first, I was a little fearful, but it became a joy. We commuted to work together a couple of times, but they barely ever wrote scenes for us together. We were like ships passing in the night.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin