“Tonight we party like scarers,” a young Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) screams as college partygoers raise the roof behind him.
The trailer for Disney-Pixar’s “Monsters University” — the prequel to the 2001 animated comedy, “Monsters, Inc.” — sees the venerable scaring team, Mike and Sulley (John Goodman) meeting for the first time. It also gives us a sneak peek at some of the pair’s college buddies. Frat boys, peer pressure, hot girls and nerds breaking out of their shell are all part of the university recipe. The new trailer is riddled with funny one-liners and plot line hints, and ends with Sully hoisting Mike above his head and yelling, “M.U. rules!”
Audiences revisited Mike and Sully’s relationship with Disney’s 2012 re-release of “Monsters, Inc.” in 3D. The prequel promises to take fans back in time and shows us where it all began. According to the studio, there were 100,586 storyboards delivered for the prequel, more than any other Pixar film. So, there is bound to be plenty of visual delight for the animation fan.
Posted by:mchance