crushworthy first loves Most Crushworthy First Loves Round 1: Vote for Stefan and Elena, Jon Snow and Ygritte, Carrie and Sebastian and more

It’s the month of February, and you know what that means: Love is in the air! And TV love wouldn’t exist without ‘ships (Well, that’s not true. It would still exist, but it wouldn’t be that fun, now would it?).

Zap2it is celebrating love and your favorite ‘ships all month long with the annual TV’s Most Crushworthy contest. It’s time to rally the ‘shipper troops and vote for your favorite TV ‘ships in all the most important categories, like Most Crushworthy Love/Late ‘Ships, Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creature, Most Devastating Breakup, and more. 

New categories will open every day this week for Round 1 of voting, and then next week, we’ll narrow it down to Round 2 until a winner is crowned in each category on Feb. 20. Voting in each category will be open for seven days, so make sure you vote in each one!

Next up is the Most Crushworthy First Loves. This one’s pretty self-explanatory: Think of the couple that was each other’s first loves. They might still be together or they may not be together anymore, but they can’t change the fact that they’ll always be each other’s first loves.

Like “The Vampire Diaries” original pairing of Stefan and Elena, or “Reign’s” childhood loves turned betrothed Mary and Francis (before Bash got in the way), or “Game of Thrones” beyond the wall hookup of Jon Snow and Ygritte, or “Sons of Anarchy” couple Jax and Tara. 

Vote below, and help give your favorites a boost by spreading the word on social media. Later this week we’ll roll out the categories for Most Crushworthy Love/Hate ‘Ships, Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creature, Most Crushworthy Villain, Most Devastating Breakup, Funniest Couples and Most Crushworthy Overall.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum