kristin-lehman-motive-season-2-ABC.jpg“Motive” returned Wednesday (May 21) to ABC for its second season of Kristin Lehman and co. solving crimes that the audience members already know the answer to — but how they get to the answer is always interesting to watch. What will add to the interesting cases in Season 2 is the inter-office politics and personal relationships, as Lehman tells Zap2it things are going to get sticky.

Zap2it: With Boyd getting the big promotion, is he gone for good from the team?
Kristin Lehman: No, he sticks around. The thing that’s so great is he gets that promotion and Angie really starts to use him as a sounding board for her professional load that comes out of this shake-up with the addition of acting Sgt. Mark Cross, who is both a former professional partner and lover.

That was actually our next question — how exactly will Mark Cross affect Angie and her work?
He’s a blast from Angie’s past and it’s a bit of a reckoning with choices she’s made, both personally and professionally. She has to deal with her feelings about this place where she previously felt so confident, her job, now being constantly faced with someone that she’s had an acrimonious relationship with and throughout the whole season we see why that might be the case.

It’s nice to see Vega as stalwart, tanking the promotion interview to stay as Angie’s partner.
I loved it too, and I didn’t even have a hard time believing it. [The promotion] is more paperwork and it takes you away from what made you chose to be a cop in the first place. I love that aspect and I also love that we continue to show that these two care about each other so deeply, but they’re not romantically involved. That is a real opportunity on television, you don’t get a lot of that.

How does Angie handle her son Manny being away at school?
The way that she handles it is to turn to the place where she feels so secure and confident and that’s her workaholic lifestyle because she loves her job so much and that, of course, is where all the bombs are blowing up. She’s faced with and cannot turn away from decisions she’s made in the past that face her every day at work in the present.

What can you tease for us about the season? Do you have a favorite “motive” or killer/victim combination?
Two is my favorite, Jennifer Beals is in episode 2 and her story is tremendous. It’s a beautiful, beautiful story, powerful … and I really love our finale. Our finale stars Kenny Johnson, who you might know from “The Shield” or “Sons of Anarchy,” but he’s amazing. That’s where the crescendo of our entire season really comes to a head, I really love it. The writers have done a strong job that are inescapable, painful and have lots of twists and turns in ways you don’t expect.

We got to screen episode 5, “Dead End,” and we got an inkling of Sgt. Cross perhaps starting a relationship with someone in the office …
Yep, that’s what it seems like. And that’s an important piece that you picked up on because that’s a very strong element that is part of our B story that will eventually become our A story and that’s all I’ll say. It’s a crucial element to our second season.

“Motive” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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