kristin lehman motive abc public enemy 'Motive's' Kristin Lehman: 'Public Enemy' delves into premeditated murderAfter a brief hiatus while ABC aired the 2013 NBA playoffs, “Motive” returns with Thursday, July 11 with uninterrupted episodes for the next eight weeks, which star Kristin Lehman tells Zap2it will be a great build-up to the finale.

“I’m really grateful that as of July 11, every week will be a new episode right up until [the finale] September,” says Lehman. “It does indeed end with a bang.”

But before that, Lehman tells us that tonight’s episode, titled “Public Enemy,” is one of her favorites of the entire season.

“Our guest-stars are Molly Parker and
Camille Sullivan and Cam Bancroft. It’s just so good. I just love it,” says Lehman. “It’s the very first case where our victim is not accidentally killed, so
to speak. It’s a case where the murder, from our killer’s perspective,
is premeditated. And yet you still feel pathos and you still feel
compassion. It’s very well written.”

“I think it really offers the best of what our show is,” she adds.

In addition to the interesting story construct of revealing the killer and victim in the opening frames of each episode, “Motive” also boasts Lehman as a strong, funny female character, which she says is so amazing for her to play.

“[Det. Flynn] is written in ways that are just so amazing. I resonate so strongly with this character. I’m proud of the work we’re doing. But also, I don’t want to make excuses for being my age and having the body that I do and being good at a job — I’m a working mom and I know what that feels like.”

“I’d like there to try to be some elements of a role model on television, where a woman accepts herself and is proud of herself, even if she’s not pristine and perfectly made-up all the time,” says Lehman. “I feel pretty lucky that that’s what I get to do.”

“Motive” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more information, check out ABC’s official site.

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