We have an idea: Gather all of the pre-released Super Bowl commercials and kick off your game day party early with a back-to-back ad marathon. Then use the game time commercial breaks to actually, you know, go to the bathroom or call your bookie.

The latest to hit the Web is Kia’s dream montage featuring Motley Crue, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, cage fighter Chuck Liddell and bullrider Judd Leffew, who is riding a rhinoceros here because, umm, it’s a dream.

The premise: The sandman accidentally pours a little too much fairy dust on a sleeping husband and he dreams that he’s racing around a track in a Kia Optima while Motley Crue performs their classic “Kickstart My Heart.” Supermodel Adriana Lima also makes an appearance waving a checkered flag and the stands are full of bikini clad babes instead of the usual NASCAR crowd.

The ending has a twist, though, that makes a final, surprising play for female consumers, too.

What do you think?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson