mountain dew breakfast kickstart Mountain Dew breakfast drink: Will Kickstart satisfy your caffeine needs?

Mountain Dew has debuted a breakfast drink, but will Kickstart be just what your morning needs? PepsiCo’s new beverage is looking to get soda drinkers turned on to a new morning drink.

Kickstart is made with 5 percent juice, Vitamins B and C, and an “extra jolt of caffeine,” the Associated Press reports. PepsiCo isn’t calling it an energy drink because it’s not as caffeinated as Monster and Red Bull, but for all intents and purposes Kickstart is a morning energy beverage. It is available in two flavors: “energizing orange citrus” and “energizing fruit punch.”

Each 16-ounce can of Kickstart has 80 calories and 92 milligrams of caffeine. For some context around that number, a regular can of Mountain Dew has 72 millgrams of caffeine while PepsiCo’s Amp energy drink has 142 millgrams and a 16-ounce cup of Starbucks coffee has 330 millgrams, the Center for Science in the Public Interest reports.

“Our consumers told us they are looking for an alternative to traditional morning beverages — one that tastes great, includes real fruit juice and has just the right amount of kick to help them start their days,” Greg Lyons, Vice President of Marketing at Mountain Dew, says in a press release. “We heard them loud and clear and created a completely new offering with Kickstart to give them exactly what they asked for.”

Kickstart will be available in stores starting Feb. 25.

Will you be trying out Kickstart?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz