andrea anders mr sunshine 'Mr. Sunshine's' Andrea Anders: Accidental biting and 16 other confessionsIf James Michael Tyler — aka Gunther the barista — is the seventh “Friend,” then Andrea Anders might well be the eighth. She’s co-starred with two of the classic sitcom’s leads — Matt LeBlanc in “Joey” a few years ago and now Matthew Perry in ABC’s “Mr. Sunshine,” and she’s worked for “Friends” co-creator David Crane on another show, “The Class.” (And, oh yeah, she and LeBlanc are also dating.)

On “Mr. Sunshine” (which airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC), Anders plays Alice, the head of marketing at a sports arena that Perry’s character Ben runs. The two have had a friends-with-benefits relationship for a while, but she decides she wants something more stable — and has found it in their co-worker Alonzo (James Lesure), at least for the moment.

Anders — who also starred in the late, lamented “Better Off Ted” — has says she doesn’t quite relate to the juggling-two-guys aspect of Alice’s character, but there’s one thing that viewers will likely see in a future episode that’s plucked directly from her life: “Matthew took the idea from a conversation we had on set, so it’s very much like myself in real life,” she tells Zap2it. ” … Let’s just say it has to do with self-help.”

Could it be related to her answer to question 15 below? Possibly — read on in Anders’ Zap2it Celeb Slam Book to find out about that, and the time she accidentally bit a fellow restaurant patron. That and 16 other confessions after the jump …

]]>1. Tell us one thing we don’t know about you.
There’s something you don’t know about me? I would be surprised. I talk a lot. 2. If you could change one thing about your face what would it be and why?
I feel like I don’t need a nose. I would rather just have two mouths. Did I mention I talk a lot?
3. Who was the first person you kissed?
With tongue? Brett Switzky.
4. If you could be invisible, tell us a naughty thing you would do.
I don’t need to be invisible to do the naughty things I want to do.
5. If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jemaine Clement from “Flight of the Conchords.” Because he’s hilarious.
6. If you had to choose another career, what would you do?
Trophy Wife.
7. What celebrity do you find attractive?
Matt LeBlanc.
8. Do you screen your phone calls? Whose do you always answer?
Yes. But I always take my boyfriend’s call. Because I’m insecure.
9. What’s your worst habit?
I drive really, really, really slow. And I don’t listen when people talk. At least that’s what people have told me. I think. I don’t know. I don’t listen.
10. Favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink?
Alcoholic: Beer. Non-Alcoholic: Juice Cleanse. I know. It’s a problem.
11. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Drink beer. And watch the Green Bay Packers play football.
12. Who is your best friend?
Dana Otto. We grew up together. I met her when we were 2.
13. Tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments.
I recently scooted out of a booth at a restaurant — I thought there was more booth than there actually was. I fell into the person at the next table, and I accidentally bit him in the shoulder as I was falling.
14. What clique did you fall into in middle school?
Mid-grade popular. Not quite cool enough to hang with the elite, but the group just below that was considered “funny” — or at least WE thought we were funny.
15. What do your friends make fun of you for the most?
I like affirmations and talking about positive thinking. And (prepare for a name drop) Jesse Tyler Ferguson always says with an eye roll, “Oh Lord, Andrea. You’re a nightmare.” He makes dinner reservations for 3 when we go out: Me, him, and my positive energy.
16. What’s your favorite song to sing in the car?
Miranda Lambert, “Only Prettier.”
17. If you could trade lives with someone for one day, who would it be and why?
Meryl Streep. Because she’s awesome.

Posted by:Rick Porter