heroes msn revive xbox nbc MSN is considering a 'Heroes' reboot for Xbox: Should they bother?

Remember “Heroes”?

Of course you do. When it premiered in the fall of 2006, “Heroes” was a surprise hit, bringing comic-book superheroes to NBC on a weekly basis. Now, MSN is considering reviving the fantasy show as part of its push for original programming, distributed via Xbox.

As first reported by TVLine, sources indicate that MSN wants to re-launch to series with new characters while staying within the original “Heroes” universe (or whatever iteration of the universe “Heroes” was on when the show ended — there were a few universes over four seasons). The show’s original stars — including actors like Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Zachary Quinto and more — probably would not be regulars on the new version. They would, however, be welcome to return as cameos.

Talks are said to be in early stages. This would be one of the first possible projects from MSN’s new Xbox entertainment studio.

Despite its big start, “Heroes” took a bit of a nosedive in terms of both ratings and critical praise in its later seasons. NBC canceled the series after its fourth season in 2010. There have been murmurs of a “Heroes” movie or possibly extended comic books or an Internet continuation since then.

But is there really a market for “Heroes” after all this time? If there were, should MSN bother with a concept that was losing steam at the time of cancellation?

Personal request to MSN: In a new series, can we please get Peter Petrelli’s (Milo Ventimiglia) Irish girlfriend, Caitlin (Katie Carr), back into the story? I still feel bad about how she got left in a dystopian future that soon ceased to exist.

Posted by:Laurel Brown