MTV is bringing back “The Challenge” this summer with “The Challenge: Rivals II.” 16 men and 16 women will battle it out in teams of two, trying to win the money in Thailand.

What’s the twist? Each team will be made up of two bitter enemies that will have to work together in order to win the Challenge. The teams need to decide which is more important: an old grudge or a whole bunch of money?

Hosted by TJ Lavin, “The Challenge: Rivals II” will feature such teams as bad boy CT and the manipulative Wes, Frank and Johnny (two guys who have never met but already hate each other), Challenge vet Paula and Emily (the ex of Paula’s hook-up), and former Challenge friends Diem and Aneesa.

Even with all those old dramas coming into play, it won’t be long before the new dramas take over.

Check out all of the teams below:

CT (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Wes (“Challenge: Rivals I”): These two have hated each other for years, because Wes sees CT as a threat.
Paula (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Emily (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”): Paula hooked up with Emily’s ex, which did not end well for anyone.
Frank (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”) and Johnny (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”): The two got into a Twitter fight when Johnny claimed that Frank’s “Challenge” win didn’t count because he didn’t compete against Johnny.
Trishelle (“The Real World: Las Vegas”) and Sarah (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”): Trishelle claimed that Sarah was sleeping with Alton to manipulate team Vegas.
Leroy (“Challenge: Rivals I”) and Ty (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”): Ty sent home Leroy’s partner (for violence) and then Leroy in an elimination battle. Then Leroy trash-talked Ty online.
Diem (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Aneesa (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”): Although Aneesa promised to never put up Diem for elimination, she lied.

Knight (“The Real World: New Orleans”) and Preston (“The Real World: New Orleans”): Having clashed on “The Real World” over sexual preferences and lifestyle, the animosity intensified when paired on a challenge.

Camila (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Jemmye (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”): The two had a screaming match after Camila claimed that no one else on “Battle of the Seasons” was a true competitor.
Robb (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”) and Derek (“Battle of the Seasons”): Derek got into a fight with Robb’s girlfriend and Robb intervened.

Naomi (“The Real World: Las Vegas”) Cooke (“The Real World Las Vegas”): While in Vegas, Naomi thought that Cooke was trying to steal her guy and once woke her up for a middle-of-the-night scream.

Jordan (“The Real World: Portland”) and Marlon (“The Real World: Portland”): Marlon and Jordan fought following Jordan’s racially charged fight with another cast mate.

Jonna (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”) and Nany (“The Real World: Las Vegas”): After she broke up with Zach, Jonna felt Nany sided with Zach instead of her.

Dunbar (Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Tyrie (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”): Tyrie hates Dunbar and thinks he’s undeserving. Dunbar is clueless.

Anastasia (“The Real World: Portland”) and Jessica (“The Real World: Portland”): Anastasia doesn’t like Jessica and thinks she’s annoying. Jessica just wants to be friends.

Zach (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”) and Trey (“Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”): These guys hate each other so much they’ve blocked one another on Twitter.
Jasmine (“Challenge: Battle of the Exes”) and Theresa (“Challenge: Rivals I”): Theresa couldn’t remember Jasmine’s name, and the girls got into a shoving match.

“The Challenge: Rivals II” premieres on Wednesday, July 10 at 10pm. There will be a launch special for the new season on Wednesday, June 26 at 10pm. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Kenny Santucci will host. “Challenge” cast favorites and comedians from “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” will provide commentary as well.

Can’t wait that long? MTV will air a sneak peek of the upcoming season during the broadcast of “Teen Wolf” between 10-11pm.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown