mtv ema the killers shot at the dark mr brightside bruce springsteen MTV EMAs 2013: Can we all agree The Killers are now basically a Bruce Springsteen tribute band?The Killers were dubbed “one of the biggest bands of the decade” at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, where they performed a medley of their latest single, “Shot at the Night,” and their first hit, “Mr. Brightside.”

While that claim can certainly be put up for debate, one indisputable fact is that the band has been around for ten years. They’re celebrating a decade of existence with a greatest hits collection called “Direct Hits,” which includes “Shot at the Night” and another new song, “Just Another Girl.”

Another fact: the band has always claimed Bruce Springsteen as an influence, but “Shot at the Night” sounds like a newly recorded cover of a Boss B-side from his “Born to Run” era. The Killers started out with an ’80s-influenced sound with the new wavey “Somebody Told Me,” but at this point in their career, the Springsteen sound is so overt that they could totally pass for a Boss tribute band.

The Boss overtones are especially evident in the jarring switch when they transition from “Shot at the Night” to their second big hit, “Mr. Brigthside,” at the EMAs, where they lost out to Green Day for the EMA for Best Rock.

Watch the performance below:

Posted by:Jean Bentley