mtv movie awards 2013 tom hiddleston one direction liam payne loki gi MTV Movie Awards 2013: Tom Hiddleston thanks One Direction's Liam Payne after winning Best Villain

During his acceptance speech for Best Villain at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Tom Hiddleston thanked a lot of the people you would expect. But he also thanked one person — and one dog — that may have been a bit of a surprise: Liam Payne of the band One Direction and his dog, Loki.

The surprise thanks came right at the end of Hiddleston’s acceptance speech. He had just won the award for playing the villainous Loki in “The Avengers” when he made the surprise boy-band shout out. “I’d just like to thank Liam Payne from One Direction,” Hiddleston said with a straight face,” Who I believe has named his dog Loki.”

As the actor correctly pointed out, Payne and One Direction are more well-known at the moment. Hiddleston even surmised that Liam’s dog might be better-known. Thus the pooch deserved a thank-you. At least Loki the dog isn’t as famous as Loki the evil god in Asgard.

The rest of Hiddleston’s speech was entertaining but not quite so unexpected. He thanked his “Avengers” co-stars and reserved special praise for writer-director, Joss Whedon. “You beautiful bada*s,” Hiddleston said, noting the director’s “cosmic dance of spinning plates and superheroes.”

Tom Hiddleston definitely was enjoying his win. How could he not when he started the speech with “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened by glorious popcorn!”

Posted by:Laurel Brown