aziz zac squirrel MTV Movie Awards: Aziz Ansari makes Zac Efron a squirrel“Parks and Recreation” star Aziz Ansari will host the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 6. In the meantime, he’s been hard at work on promotional spots.

In the latest, Ansari and fellow comedian Sarah Silverman join forces to write a great ad… but they get a little distracted by a water-skiing squirrel video.

Come on, who hasn’t gotten lost in viral videos for days? We missed a week of our lives when “Charlie Bit Me” appeared on our radar. Of course, unlike Ansari and Silverman, we didn’t have a super-cute heartthrob waiting for our script.

When Zac Efron shows up to shoot his promo, Aziz and Sarah haven’t quite put the finishing touches on their plan. Or, you know, any touches at all. Still, we think that “I’m Zac Efron. My head’s on a squirrel,” is by far the best way to advertise an awards show we’ve ever seen.

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Photo Credit: MTV

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie