MTV’s American version of the British hit, “Skins,” is definitely under the microscope. And fans of the original series seem pretty sure that the network will fail to reproduce its magic.
The new show has a few things going for it. Co-creator Bryan Elsley has jumped the pond to work on the American version. He brings along with him some of the insight and methods that made the first one a success.
When we spoke to Elsley, he told Zap2it that the first few episodes will resemble the original series in storyline and characters, but then it will start to diverge. Why? 
Just like the original series, the production works with real teens they call the “Teen Advisory Group.” They, along with Elsley’s group of American writers, will then weave an uniquely American version of the show.

Granted, the U.S. isn’t exactly heralded for its liberal view on sex and drugs and that may create the “watered down” effect everyone is fearing from the American series.
But, this is the American “Skins,” so shouldn’t it reflect the experiences and thoughts of this country’s teens? If a “watered down” version does emerge from this experiment, then isn’t that valid, as well?

Will you be able to wipe the slate clean and judge the American series for what it is rather than for what it isn’t? 

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Video credit: MTV

Posted by:Jethro Nededog