miley cyrus vmas 2013 jim carrey in living color pigtails mtv fox MTV VMAs 2013: Did Miley Cyrus rip off Jim Carrey for her look?

Much has been said about Miley Cyrus‘ appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But one burning issue has not yet come to the forefront of the public discussion: Did Miley Cyrus steal her VMAs look from an “In Living Color”-era Jim Carrey?

Let’s examine the facts.

Actually, there aren’t too many facts to examine. We will instead examine a single side-by-side image that argues strongly for a relationship between Carrey and Cyrus. The detail in question has to do with Miley’s odd little pigtails at the big show. Not even an inch long and tied tight with yellow bands, the pigtails were surprisingly notable on the young singer’s head.

Did she get the idea from a Jim Carrey performance back on “In Living Color”?

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Honestly, she probably didn’t. Keep in mind that Miley Cyrus was in diapers when Jim Carrey last appeared on that show. And “In Living Color” had a great deal of adult content — baby Miley probably wasn’t watching. Her stylist, however, might have.

It could all be a coincidence too. But where’s the fun in that?

Whatever the case, at least Miley Cyrus didn’t rip-off the fashion of another as much as Robin Thicke imitated Beetlejuice.

Posted by:Laurel Brown