miley cyrus beetlejuice mtv vma 2013 tumblr MTV VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus humps Beetlejuice to 'Blurred Lines?'The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were a relatively low-key affair, with the exception of a couple of standout moments, like when Miley Cyrus lost her mind during the “We Can’t Stop” mashup with “Blurred Lines” performance.

The former real-life Disney princess stripped off her barely there teddy bear costume to channel one of the nude-bikini-clad models from Robin Thicke‘s so-called “rapey” summer anthem video. And along the way, she bumped, grind-ed, twerked, and made obscene gestures with a phallic foam finger.
Kevin Hart commented onstage about the creepiness of 20-year-old Cyrus grinding on Thicke, and the world of social media had a field day with the 36-year-old’s striped suit, calling him everything from “the Foot Locker guy” to “Beetlejuice.” Which, of course, necessitated the obvious: A Tumblr pic with Beetlejuice’s face superimposed onto Thicke’s bod, as seen above. Anyone think this image is actually less creepy than what really went down on the VMA stage?
If you missed Miley and Robin’s performance, you can relive it in all its glory here. Just a warning: There are things in this video which cannot be un-seen once watched. For the record, “Blurred Lines” was shut out of the three categories it was nominated for, including Video of the Year. (Insert sad trombone.)
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