tyler p teen wolf MTV's 'Teen Wolf' trailer debuts, watch it here

Supernatural elements + hot teens x forbidden love = winning combination.

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” looks to be the latest TV series to prove this equation correct. The not-a-remake just released a new trailer and we’ve got say, we’re excited for this show.

The series is obviously going for a much darker feel than the cheesy ’80s movie starring Michael J. Fox, with Scott (Tyler Posey) proving to be a real threat to everyone around him after he transforms.

The person most in danger? The Girl, of course, whose dad just happens to be a werewolf hunter. You know, typical teen problems. In a sneak peek MTV recently released, Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) share an intimate moment on a school bus before he loses control and his wolf instincts take over. What we like best about the sneak peek? Seeing Alison fight back.

Unlike other supernatural shows with werewolves, “The Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood,” “Teen Wolf” decided not to use real wolves; this is a monster you can kiss. While we never get a full clear shot of Scott in wolf form, you can catch glimpses in the trailer and the make-up looks good, really good.

“Teen Wolf” premiere June 5, right after the MTV Movie Awards, on — where else? — MTV. Tell us, Zappers, are you looking forward to “Teen Wolf’?

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