kathleen robertson murder i 'Murder in the First's' Kathleen Robertson: 'Doing 'Boss' spoiled me forever'

Zap2it: How have you found playing out one main story over the entire season on “Murder in the First”?
Kathleen Robertson: I think that it’s really fulfilling from an acting point of view. Taye (Diggs) and I and the other actors genuinely had no idea where it was going from week to week … what was happening or where the characters were going, and it was intentional, and I was happy not to know. I loved discovering it as my character Hildy did. It’s so much more interesting and so much more fun to play with.
It’s like a big, giant movie. It has a very clear first act and second act and third act, then a satisfying result at the end where it’s like, “OK, I’ve invested all this time, and now I’m going to get my big payoff.” It’s great.
Zap2it: What has that series structure meant for you in terms of being able to develop a character more fully?
Kathleen Robertson: With what the studio system has become for movies, from an acting point of view, (special-effects-loaded features) are just a waste of time. I’d rather work at Starbucks than run around pretending to be chased by a big, giant monster!
Cable TV is where it’s at now. It’s just a dream and a joy to be able to play a character over the course of 10 or 13 episodes, and to really get the opportunity to delve into all the minutiae of who someone is and why she is the way she is. It’s really fun. Doing “Boss” totally spoiled me forever; that’s the way it was for all the actors on that show.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin