taye diggs magic mike 2 'Murder In The First's' Taye Diggs: Will he be dancing nude in 'Magic Mike 2'?Taye Diggs (“Private Practice”) is back in a role like you’ve never
seen him before in TNT’s “Murder In The First.” The new series is a crime drama set in San Francisco that follows a single case across the length of a 10-episode season.

In “Murder In The First” Diggs plays homicide
detective Terry English, who he describes to Zap2it as being “complicated and struggling with his inner demons.”

In the 10 episodes, English and his partner Hildy Mulligan, played by “Beverly Hills 90210” star Kathleen Robertson, investigate two seemingly unrelated murders. However things start to get crazy when the two find out both murders have a common thread in Silicon Valley phenom Erich Blunt (Tom Felton). 

Although the dramatic new series shoots both in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Diggs tells Zap2it he will always hang his hat on the east coast, “New York will always be my home base. That’s another benefit of having the 10 episode season; it allows me to
spend the time that I need to with my son and to work on other projects
and just get back to the city living that I love.”

Broadway fans fear not, Diggs says he plans to return to the stage, “I’m getting older, but I definitely know I want to sing and go back to doing
the stuff I started in the business doing–the triple threat sing, dance and act. I
don’t know how many roles they have for a 43-year-old with bad
knees, so I gotta try to find that. Whether it’s on stage or a Broadway
movie,I definitely want to do that again before I call it quits.”

When asked if there were any truth to the rumors Diggs would be joining the cast of the sexy male stripper film “Magic Mike 2” ,the actor seemed hopeful, “I want there to be. Maybe if I start saying yes it will happen, but I don’t want to jinx it. I’m a fan of Channing (Tatum)’s and I would love to be invited to the
party. I had an issue with the fact there were no black people in the
first one. That upset me. So I would love to be the first.”

Make sure to catch “Murder In The First” Monday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and let us know what you think about Diggs possibly shaking his groove thing in “Magic Mike 2” in the comments below.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins