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If you think you have a hard time balancing your personal life, imagine the struggle faced by Brady Williams and his five wives, Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda, documented on TLC’s latest reality show, “My Five Wives.”

In a clip from the Season 1 premiere, watch one of his wives lose it when Brady tries to push a “safe talk” on her and another wife, who are having a disagreement.

“It’s hard to have a wife upset,” says Brady. “You want to work with her and help her through it and help her be understood while still being understood yourself. Yeah, it’s tough. It’s tough when a wife is visibly upset.”

Before the show premieres Sunday (March 9) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC, familiarize yourself with the six major players on the network’s latest docu-series.

Brady, 43: Brady was born into the Mormon Church, but until age 16, he had never heard of polygamy. At that time, his parents converted to a faith that embraced the plural lifestyle. Until the age of 34, he grew as a church leader before he and his family decided to break away. Currently, Brady works as a project manager at his brother’s construction business while also pursuing a degree in philosophy at the local college.

Paulie, 41: Brady’s first wife has been married to Williams for 21 years and has six children with him — Karlie, 21; Joshua, 19; Madeline, 17; September, 15; Maura, 13; and Camry, 10. Paulie was raised in a polygamist family and expected Brady to have additional wives, but she is also proud of her oldest daughter, who is recently married and plans a monogamous lifestyle. Paulie works as a dental hygienist. 

Robyn, 40: Wife No. 2 has also been married for 21 years and has five children – Hannah, 20; Lauren, 17; Dane, 15; Thomas, 13 and Trey, 10. Married about nine months after Paulie, Robyn also grew up in a polygamous home and expected to be a plural wife. Dubbed by the family as the “creative” wife, Robyn has taken a few art classes and loves making handmade gifts for her large family.

Rosemary, 40: Wife No. 3, married for 19 years with four children – Kimberly, 18; Taylor, 15; James, 14 and Brandon, 11. Rosemary used to work for the family construction business but stopped after winning a scholarship at the local college. She is studying for her teaching degree in music and biology and is particularly passionate about composing.

Nonie, 35:
Wife No. 4, married for 16 years with five children – Paul, 15; Rachel, 13; Marissa, 10; Aeyden, 8 and Tailee, 4. Nonie was living in Montana when she first met Brady, and the two had a brief long-distance courtship before they got engaged. She currently handles the administrative side of the family’s construction business and is the only wife that works with Brady on a steady basis.

Rhonda, 34: Wife No. 5, married for 14 years with four children – Eden, 13; Lake, 11; Arwen, 8 and Nikolas, 2. Rhonda, who is Robyn’s cousin, loves to work outside the home and is now a medical assistant. Despite their immediate bond, she confesses it still took eight years before she really felt like she belonged in the family. While Rhonda says there are downsides to polygamy, she loves that her kids always have other mothers around that love them.

Posted by:Jean Bentley