my five wives brady williams bankrupt tlc 'My Five Wives' star files for bankruptcy: Brady Williams is broke

“My Five Wives” star Brady Williams has declared bankruptcy due to a massive debt and insufficient funds and holdings to meet that amount. The TLC reality star reportedly owes more than $400,000 but has only about $30,000 in assets.

According to TMZ, Williams’ debts come from a combination of credit card balances (almost half of the total), a business loan and other smaller amounts. His only assets listed in bankruptcy documents are real estate (about $10,000), several cars, a $50 wedding ring and a very small amount of cash.

The docuseries on a polygamous family — Williams has five wives and 24 children — has been a hit for TLC. Since Brady is only legally married to his first wife, Paulie, she is the only one who is listed on the documents.

There is no word as to what effect, if any, this bankruptcy could have on the future of “My Five Wives.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown