my five wives you asked brady and the wives answer tlc 'My Five Wives: You Asked, Brady and the Wives Answer': Bedroom confessionsIn a bonus special episode to round out the first season of TLC’s “My Five Wives,” Brady Williams and his five wives open up about the topics viewers most want to know about — from the struggles of being a member of a polygamist family to details about their, ahem, intimate lives.

In Zap2it‘s sneak peek at the special, “You Asked, Brady and the Wives Answer,” the family answers questions about some incredibly private moments, including whether Brady has ever called out the wrong name in bed, whether he’s ever woken up not knowing which wife he’s with, and whether he feels obligated to have relations with a wife on the night he spends with her.

“Obligated?! Privileged,” Brady exclaims.

“My Five Wives” airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC, and the docuseries was recently renewed for an eight-episode second season.

Posted by:Jean Bentley