My Man Is A Loser – Red Band Trailer Video

“My Man is a Loser” is more than just your average romantic comedy.

The new film features not only a dynamic cast, but it also offers a unique take on how to make the most out of a marriage.

The story, written and directed by Mike Young, centers around best friends Marty and Paul (Michael Rapaport and Bryan Callen), who are looking for some help re-connecting with their wives (Kathy Searle and Heidi Armbruster). That help comes in the form of a sexy, single playboy named Mike — appropriately played by John Stamos.

Mike offers his buddies some important insight, but there’s a reason he is single after all — so when his single ways start backfiring in the married
world, his beautiful and savvy female friend (Tika Sumpter) steps in to
save the day, forcing Mike to re-examine his own happiness.

While there are many reasons to see the film, here are five of the top reasons “My Man is a Loser” will hook you.

1. John Stamos

The charismatic actor should be reason enough to see the film — but in all seriousness, we don’t get to see Stamos nearly as often as we would like on the big screen. He is easily believable as the non-committal guy used to getting what he wants and honestly who wouldn’t want to take advice on how to get your swagger back from the veteran actor?

Plus, the man clearly has somehow figured out a way to stop the aging process. Stamos looks the same as he did 20 years ago, when he began stealing hearts as Jesse Katsopolis on “Full House.” The actor makes Mike relatable and someone audiences will root for — and you would be hard-pressed to find a man or woman in the world, who isn’t a fan.

stamos mike my man is a loser 'My Man is a Loser': John Stamos, cuddling and more reasons to see the hilarious new film2. Pro-marriage material

While a lot of romantic comedies depict marriage in a somewhat negative light, “MMIAL” does the opposite. Marty and Paul don’t want to be back in the dating pool chasing 20-somethings, they want to make it work with the women they have committed their lives to.

Wait, men who are evolved enough to make the first move in working on relationship issues — is this real life? No it’s a movie, but the refreshing, pro-marriage views in the film will no doubt be a trend starter in stories to come.

my man is a loser wives 'My Man is a Loser': John Stamos, cuddling and more reasons to see the hilarious new film3. There’s a man cuddling sequence

Yes, you read that right, and yes, it involves Stamos — there is some serious cuddle coaching going on. Because saving a marriage wouldn’t be complete without some proper instructions on how the guys can properly and — let’s face it — comfortably hold their significant other in the bedroom.

It’s just one scene, but it is just as satisfying as when Stamos snuggled with best friend and former co-star, Bob Saget in that amazing Project Cuddle video. We see a pattern here — how long until Stamos adds “Professional Cuddler” to his resume?

my man is a loser cuddle 'My Man is a Loser': John Stamos, cuddling and more reasons to see the hilarious new film4. Michael Rapaport gets to showcase his comedy chops

The veteran actor is known for his dramatic work in films such as “True Romance” and “Higher Learning,” and although viewers have definitely seen Rapaport show a funny side on Television, in roles on shows like “Friends” and “My Name is Earl,” it’s rare the actor gets to let loose in a romantic comedy. Rapaport’s comedic timing is on-point in the role of Marty and the film is just further proof there isn’t anything Rapaport can’t do well on film.

michael rapaport my man is a loser 'My Man is a Loser': John Stamos, cuddling and more reasons to see the hilarious new film5. It’s funny

Sounds simple right? We can guarantee you haven’t laughed nearly enough this summer and with comedians involved at the core of this project — Young, Callen and Rapaport all have honed their comedic skills on the stand-up stage — it’s hilarious from all angles. “My Man is a Loser” will definitely provide the laughs — and don’t be surprised if you also walk away with some killer relationship tips.

“My Man is a Loser” hits select theaters and VOD Friday (July 25).

Posted by:Sarah Huggins