mysteries of laura laz alonso janina gavankar nbc 'Mysteries of Laura': Laz Alonso, Janina Gavankar play potential romantic foilsViewers will be introduced to the misadventures of Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) when “The Mysteries of Laura” premieres on NBC on Sept. 17. The esteemed homicide detective balances her work life with her family life in the most effective way she can, as both are very messy in very different ways.

At home, Laura is dealing with two troublesome twin sons and a husband (Josh Lucas) she is trying to divorce. At work, she at least has her trusted partner Billy (Laz Alonso), but also has to deal with envy from her peer Meredith (Janina Gavankar) and the usual hassle of tracking down perpetrators. 
But when her husband Jake gets drawn into her work life by the end of the Season 1 premiere episodes, those separate worlds come crashing together. Having both Laura and Jake in the same place opens the door for some inter-office romantic tensions that will cause some trouble for the show’s main couple.
“Meredith is a very classy lady and would never do anything to be disrespectful in the workplace, but I think she thinks Jake is real cute,” Gavankar admits to Zap2it with a laugh. With that in mind, she cautions, “A lot of things can happen [on the show] and we don’t know what those are yet.”
Alonso similarly thinks there could be a chance for Billy and Laura, though Messing’s character currently is focused on her troubles with husband Jake. “I think that there’s always a possibility for things to go in that direction [for Billy and Laura]. You’ve got to wait and see,” he says.
Executive producer Jeff Rake tells Zap2it that he would like to see both Laura and Jake spend some time with other romantic interests before finding love with one another, if that even happens.

“I think it will be really fun to discover unexpected romantic opportunities that will just allow us to capitalize on the fun and the sexiness that [Messing] naturally brings to the screen,” Rake says. “I expect that she’ll find chemistry in many unexpected corners with many unexpected guest stars along the way.”

For the time being though, Billy will be relegated to a platonic role in Laura’s life, while Meredith will be humorously jealous of Laura and constantly trying to one-up her.
“I’m kind of like ‘Uncle Billy’ to [Laura’s] kids, and you kind of see that a little bit in the precinct when they run towards me. I’m cleaning off their pee when they pee on each other. I kind of look at them like they’re my little munchkins,” Alonso explains of when audiences will meet Billy in the premiere.

Gavankar adds of Meredith, “We’re going to see why Meredith is like that. … I just know that Meredith has hero worship and hatred at the same time. [Laura’s] just so good, but d***it, Meredith just wants her shine. It sucks to be in the shadow of somebody.”

As for Laura, her costars say she is and always will be the rock at the center of “The Mysteries of Laura.” “Laura is a bada** detective, she is a star detective in our precinct, and if people have to help her out to solve crime — people are getting murdered in New York, and we need to figure out whodunit — if she needs help, we’ll help her,” Gavakar says.

Alonso adds of what sets “The Mysteries of Laura” apart from other cop shows: “We know what the traditional cop show is. You never see those people go home and be human beings. You never really see them be vulnerable. On the flip side, the comedy cop shows are just a**holes who can’t do their jobs right who somehow make it out OK. That’s not what this is. Laura Diamond is a bada** detective.”

“The Mysteries of Laura” premieres on Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz