mysteries-of-laura-debra-messing-nbc.JPGNBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura,” based on the Spanish TV series “Los Misterios de Laura,” is looking to tell the story of more than just the titular character’s case-of-the-week mysteries. As the cast and crew told reporters at the 2014 summer TV press tour, the proudly-proclaimed dramedy will explore how a woman can be both “a present parent and a responsible employee.”

“There is something incredibly universal about the predicament,” star Debra Messing says. What intrigued me was “the specificity of her personal life and the specificity of the job she has to have.”
When pressed about whether audiences are supposed to believe it’s somehow “mysterious” that a woman can balance both a family and a career, executive producer Jeff Rake argues, “We’re not talking about the mystery of a woman succeeding in a man’s world. … In the work place, Laura is a highly respected her.”
He adds, “I would not say that we are trying to tell stories about sexism in the work place. … This character is a prototypical parent.

“What makes her such a great detective is her intuitive talent as a mother as she applies that to be a detective,” executive producer McG says. “That’s sort of the genesis of why she’s so good at her job. In a sense, criminals are like kids, and she applies that intelligence and knowledge of that human condition, and that’s what makes her so proficient at what she does.”
In the series, Messing is a successful homicide detective who is going through a divorce with colleague Jake (Josh Lucas). They are parents to a troublesome pair of twins, who get up to a slew of horrifying antics. The producers cast what Lucas describes as real little kids for the part.

“Imagine being five years old and being told, ‘Today you’re going to pee on each other,'” Lucas says to laughter.
Urine isn’t the worst of it, either. There is even little kid vomit — some of which needs to be added via special effects into the final cut of the pilot. “There is CGI barf,” McG promises.
“The Mysteries of Laura” will premiere on Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz