We are so sad we are not going to be seeing the “Mystery Girls” for awhile because they sure did bring it in their Season 1 finale.

Holly (Tori Spelling) and Charlie (Jennie Garth) were finally able to catch Zanucci (Anthony Bonaventura), the murderer in the mob hit Nick (Miguel Pinzon) witnessed. Charlie’s husband Michael (Adam Mayfield) saw his wife in action first hand and gave her the OK to do her sometimes-dangerous detective work. And the absolute best thing ever happened, hottie Det. Duane (Ryan McPartlin) made his move on Holly, giving her a steamy kiss at the end.

We will keeping our fingers crossed “Mystery Girls” gets a second season so that we can see more of the threesome’s funny antics and a lot more Duane and Holly!

Relive the hot kiss in all its glory in the video above.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins