Nancy-grace-cropped.jpgZap2it was at the live taping of “Dancing With the Stars” for Week 8 and it was a crazy night. J.R. Martinez and his partner Karina Smirnoff got not one, but two perfect runs of 10’s. Len Goodman told Nancy Grace that she should be going home.  Maksim Chmerkovskiy showed his softer side by bring his partner Hope Solo home to meet his family and his dog. He also kissed Len. What a change from two weeks ago!

After the show, we caught up with Nancy Grace and asked her about her particular take on Dr. Conrad Murray‘s guilty verdict in the Michael Jackson death trial. She was asked if she was bummed not to be giving live commentary on the trial. She replied, “I’ve been talking about Michael Jackson since he was charged with child molestation, okay? I made it very clear what I thought after I read all the state’s evidence. So yes, of course I would have liked to have weighed in on the verdict, but I’ve weighed in on what I thought the verdict would be, including what it would be and when it would come in. And luckily I was two for two.”

She continued, “A lot of people think he’s going to get house arrest, but I don’t think that’s appropriate … in fact, I think the whole charging system is wrong. He should have been charged with murder one, with propofal as a deadly weapon, and he should be doing life behind bars.”

We asked if the thought that it was a good thing that he’s behind bars now. “Absolutely. And I’ve got news for him. God’s gonna git him. He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide. Hey, he and Casey Anthony can have a tea party in four years.”

Lindsay Lohan was brought up. At first she said, “No comment,” but she added, “Hey, I predicted that one too! She did a Nicole Richie and went to jail and they said, ‘Oh, we’re full! See ya!’ Back to booze and pop hits for Lindsay!”

Her parting words? We asked if she thought Lindsay would clean up her act. She said, “No. If you don’t know a horse, look at his track record.” Well, this lady doesn’t pull punches.

So, do you guys agree with Nancy? How are you feeling about the verdict in the trial? Let us know your thoughts.

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