nancy grace parking lot ashleigh banfield cnn Nancy Grace's parking lot split screen with Ashleigh Banfield ... in the same parking lotIn what may signal that cable news has finally become the snake that is eating its own tail, CNN staged a rather bizarre split-screen interview Wednesday (May 8) during its coverage of the Cleveland kidnapping story.

Nancy Grace
of Headline News and Ashleigh Banfield of CNN were talking about the latest in the Cleveland case, when an on-screen graphic informs viewers that both the anchors are in Phoenix.

Well, that’s a little weird, but then you realize they’re in Phoenix to cover the Jodi Arias murder trial verdict. OK.

However, and hat-tip to the Atlantic Wire for their great GIFs of the broadcast, it quickly becomes clear the two women are in the same parking lot as they conduct their on-air analysis with each other.

As the Atlantic Wire says, judging by the same cars whizzing by in the background of both shots, the two cannot be more than 30 feet away from one another.

So close, yet so far away.

Truck3 (1).gif

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