Nascar’s Auto Club 400 in Fontana, Calif. ended in mayhem after Joey Logano purposely crashed into somehow caused a collision with Denny Hamlin, then got into an all-out brawl with Tony Stewart. Video of the last few laps of the race shows Logano cutting off Stewart, who had the inside track. Then on the last lap, Logano nudges Hamlin and pulls an aggressive maneuver that sends Hamlin’s vehicle careening into the inside wall — the one with no safer barriers.
Hamlin left the race on a stretcher and Stewart promptly exited his car and laid into Logano with his fists. Between Stewart, Logano, and the nearby pit crews, it was a brawl that rivals any fight seen recently on a professional hockey rink.
Following the race, Logano had no sympathy for Hamlin, who was airlifted to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with a compression fracture in his lower spine. “He probably shouldn’t have done what he did last week, so that’s what he gets,” Logano said of Hamlin. The pair traded barbs on Twitter all week after roughing each other up at the Food City 500 at Bristol in Tennessee. Hamlin tweeted a photo of himself from the hospital with the caption, “All good.” He writes to fans, “Everyone’s messages to me is the most motivating thing I could see.” 
As for Stewart, he gave a curse-laden walk-and-talk interview to Fox Sports following the scrum with Logano, and was asked what angered him. “What the hell do you think I was mad about,” Stewart responds. “He wants to b**** about everybody else. He’s the one that drives like a little b****; I’m gonna bust his a**.” When all was said and done, none of these fine sportsman won the race. Kyle Busch took first place.
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