abc pilot rundown 'Nashville,' 'Gilded Lilys' and more ABC pilots we're keeping an eye on for 2012 13In about two months, the networks will start revealing their programming lineups for the 2012-13 season. But Zap2it would like to give you a head start for what is out there possibly coming your way next fall. Plus, there are so many pilots and actors being announced in roles that we would also like to hopefully simplify things for you.

The (enormous) caveat is, of course, that we haven’t seen these pilots because most of them haven’t finished (or even started) filming yet. But here’s what we know so far.


“666 Park Avenue”: This one-hour spookfest is about a young couple (Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor) who has come to manage one of the most historical apartment buildings in New York City. But all is not what it seems, as supernatural goings-on complicate things. We like scary and the addition of Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams as the married owners of the luxury building adds further weight to the premise.

“Americana”/’Scruples”: These two dramas each focus on legendary fashion designers and their families, friends, money and scandals. “Americana” stars Anthony LaPaglia as the designer in question, while “Scruples” features Claire Forlani as said designer. “Americana” also has some big names in Emilie de Ravin and Ashley Greene.

“Beauty and the Beast”: This fantasy re-imagining of the classic fairy tale is set in a world where the tough but beautiful princess (Ruth Bradley) finds herself connected to a mysterious “beast” (Darius Campbell) despite being engaged to Gorrick (Chris Egan). A rebel band of fighters is trying to dethrone the Emperor (F. Murray Abraham).

“Devious Maids”: This soapy drama follows four maids (Dania Ramirez, Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez and Judy Reyes) as they pursue their dreams while working for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills. Plus, Susan Lucci has been cast as one of the wealthy employers.

“Gilded Lilys”: This drama is described as an epic love story, vicious rivalry and scandalous secret, all set against the backdrop of the first luxury hotel in New York City in 1895. Blythe Danner, Madeline Zima, Brian F. O’Byrne, Matt Lauria and John Barrowman are among the cast members so far.

“Gotham”: This one is about a female cop who discovers a magical world that exists within NYC, unseen by normal humans. Apparently famous landmarks will all be reinvented in a magical way. The show just added Lennie James (“Jericho”) as a mayoral candidate.

“Last Resort”: This adventure drama centers around a rogue submarine crew that defies orders to deploy its weapons under suspicious circumstances and instead declares itself a small sovereign nuclear nation. They must rebuild society while keeping tabs on the world’s military forces. The cast is stacked – Andre Braugher, Autumn Reeser, Scott Speedman, Max Adler, Jessy Schram and Daisy Betts, just to name a few.

: This family soap is set in Nashville and chronicles an aging country music star (Connie Britton) battling against (and forced to collaborate with) an up-and-coming sensation (Hayden Panettiere). Eric Close has been cast as Britton’s husband and Powers Boothe (“Deadwood,” “Tombstone”) is her disapproving father.

“Penoza”: A woman (Radha Mitchell) is forced to take on her husband’s role in a crime syndicate after he is assassinated. Lee Tergesen, Rade Serbedzjia and Luke Goss also star.

Untitled Roland Emmerich/Harold Kloser project: A grad student in astrophysics finds out he is the “chosen one” to save the world and destroy the forces of evil. Max Thieriot has been cast as said grad student. Martin Landau, Linus Roache and Laila Robins have also been cast.

“Zero Hour”: Anthony Edwards returns to TV as a conspiracy nut who suddenly finds himself embroiled in an actual conspiracy when his wife (Jacinda Barrett) is kidnapped. The villain is none other than “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s” (Swedish version) Michael Nyqvist and “Prison Break” writer Paul Scheuring is penning the drama. We like Edwards enough to give it a try even if nothing else about it interested us. But we also love a good conspiracy-theory story.


“American Judy”: This single-camera comedy follows Judy Greer as a city career woman who gets transplanted to the suburbs, where her husband’s ex-wife is the town sheriff, played by laine Hendrix. She was the deliciously awful Meredith in the “Parent Trap” remake with Lilo.

“Counter Culture”: This comedy features middle aged sisters who run a diner in west Texas. “Justified” Emmy-winner Margo Martindale is the eldest sister and “Everybody Loves Raymond’s” Doris Roberts is the sisters’ crazy Aunt Lee, a Southern belle with a “doomsday” attitude.

“How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life”: “HTLWYPFTROYL” (seriously, get a new title) features Sarah Chalke‘s return to a TV series regular as Polly, a recent divorcee with kids who has to move back in with her parents (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett).

“Malibu Country”: A broke, recently-divorced woman (Reba McEntire) moves her family to Malibu in an attempt to revive her music career and keep her kids out of hte city. Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue have also been cast.

“Only Fools and Horses”
: This comedy about streetwise brothers and their grandfather always looking for their next get-rich-quick scheme is based on a British show, so that usually spells good stuff, plus it stars John Leguizamo, Dustin Ybarra and Christopher Lloyd as the aforementioned family. It’s one of the comedies we feel the most inherent faith in, not only for the killer cast, but because the premise seems fairly original.

“Prairie Dogs”: A dorky cubicle worker (hence the title) is the victim of identity theft, but likes what the thief has done with his life, so makes the conman his life coach. Kal Penn is said worker, while Nick Zano is the conman. Cary Elwes, Michaela Watson and Charlotte Newhouse have also been cast.

“The Smart One”
: Portia de Rossi and Malin Akerman star as sisters – one smart (de Rossi) and one not-as-smart (Akerman), where the smart one must now begrudgingly go work for more popular sister, who is now the Mayor. Jean Smart is their mother Helen and David Arquette as Akerman’s husband. We wouldn’t be as excited about the premise if it weren’t for “Arrested Development” alum de Rossi.

Untitled Dan Fogelman project: A family moves into a gated community and discovers all the neighbors are aliens. Starring Lenny Venito, Jamie Gertz, Clara Mamet, Isabella Cramp and Max Charles.

Untitled Kari Lizer project: Mary McCormack (“In Plain Sight”) finds herself unployed and a full-time mom to her two teenagers. Greg Germann and Mo Gaffney have also been cast as McCormack’s husband and a rival super-mom, respectively.

Untitled Mandy Moore project: Newlyweds are given the opportunity to run a restaurant, bringing wife Annie closer to her family. Mandy Moore, Erinn Hayes, Kurt Fuller and Majandra Delfino have been cast.

Untitled Adam Sztykiel project: This comedy is billed as a peek behind the curtain of modern relationships. Nick Kocher and Amanda Crew are cast so far.

“White Van Man”: A man (Kyle Bornheimer) has to put his dreams on hold to take over the family business from his dad (J.K. Simmons). Leah Remini has been cast as the free-spirited sister.

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