nashville on the record special 'Nashville: On the Record' special pays its dues to the songwriters behind the hit songs On a show like “Nashville,” it can be easy to forget that there are real songwriters and major talent behind the show-stopping songs we’ve come to know and love. Scarlett and Gunnar didn’t write “If I Didn’t Know Better” based off their chemistry. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio just sang a song written by real songwriters who don’t get the recognition they deserve for penning such an emotional and powerful ballad.

And that’s why “Nashville: On the Record,” a special ABC aired on Wednesday (April 23), was so incredibly, well, special. It was an hour filled with performances by the stars of “Nashville,” but they were also joined onstage by the real voices behind the songs the actors sing. The songwriters came out to perform the songs they wrote with the voices who have given them life, and it was truly touching to see the ABC southern soap pay its dues to these thankless artists.

It’s one of the many ways “Nashville” is paying homage to the town that the show calls its home, along with having the special at the historic Ryman auditorium. That location along with the legendary Bluebird cafe gives the series the authenticity necessary to truly tell the story of the country music business. No matter how soapy “Nashville” may get plot-wise, it will always have the backbone of the country music industry and hometown to give it authority.

“Nashville: On the Record” also gave fans the opportunity to see the actors truly sing live and prove they have what it takes to represent the country music industry every week on ABC. There’s no studio magic here to fix any mistakes or slip-ups. They had to rely on their voices and their talent, and everyone did an incredible job. From Bowen and Palladio’s powerful duet to Palladio, Jonathan Jackson and Chaley Rose’s boot-stomping number to Hayden Panettiere’s soulful performance, everyone brought their A-game, making the special a can’t-miss for any “Nashville” fans.
“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum