nashville hanky panky woman recap 'Nashville' recap: 'I ain't dead, and I ain't done'

Hang on to your cowboy hats, y’all, because we might have just witnessed the rebirth of Deacon on “Nashville.” What finally pushed him to pursue a comeback as a solo artist? Seeing his soul mate Rayna duetting with another man, Luke Wheeler.

On Wednesday (Nov. 20) night’s all-new episode of “Nashville,” we didn’t see Deacon’s realization until the very end of the hour. First up: the resolution to the big shocking cliffhanger at the end of last week when Olivia Wentworth started making out with Juliette (seriously LOL). She immediately pushes the forward woman off of her, and Olivia tells Juliette that Charlie told her to get to know Juliette so the three of them could “have fun” together. As in, threesomes, and possibly a twosome with Olivia and Juliette while Charlie watches. Um, whoah. Juliette’s not into it and is appalled at the married couple’s “adventures,” and kicks Olivia out of her room. She then blows off the Wentworth’s business meeting the next day.

Scarlett’s got the chance of a lifetime to open for Luke Wheeler on his tour. It’s her first big arena tour, and she is acting as excited about it as you would expect from her, i.e. not at all. Not helping matters? Gunnar’s on her tour bus for the next few weeks, as he is shadowing Luke. Awkward.

As Rayna is walking out her front door to join Luke and Scarlett on their tour, she is served by Edgehill, and has to hand over the masters to her new album or face prosecution. She begrudgingly hands over the masters and books a new flight to Tampa, pissed off at Jeff Fordham and ready to get her revenge.

She runs into Jeff at the concert right as he’s getting in Scarlett’s head, making her even more nervous. What a jerk! Between her stage fright, Jeff’s comments, and a faulty ear piece, Scarlett bombs her first show to the point where everyone was booing her and throwing things at her onstage. Rayna comes onstage to scold the crowd and reintroduce Scarlett, and she kills it. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way and refuses to let both Gunnar and Deacon comfort her. Rayna’s words of wisdom do work, however, and she promises Scarlett that they won’t let Jeff bully them anymore. Deacon tells Rayna that he doesn’t think that Scarlett is ready for an arena tour, but she disagrees, saying that Scarlett will toughen up.

Of course, Jeff’s bullying endgame is just pure business. He wants to release Rayna’s album ASAP to capitalize on the heat from her accident, and even goes so far as create the key art for the album and it is heinous. “Rayna Jaymes: Rising from the Ashes?” Just horrible and tacky and awful. It kind of looks like a “Supernatural” title card reject, no? Rayna realizes she needs a new plan of attack to prevent Jeff from releasing her album before it’s ready and with the horrid cover art.

Back in Nashville, Juliette opens up to her new friend Avery about her Wentworth issue. He tells her about his Season 1 sugar mama drama, and gives her the confidence to stand up to them. She confronts them in Dallas, calling Charlie an empty person, and he flies back to Nashville to tell her he’s in love with her. Uh oh.

After writing a couple of dud songs for Luke, Gunnar writes a hit with Scarlett (who kills it on her second night, prompting Deacon to admit to Rayna that he was wrong), and Rayna and Luke think it’s the perfect duet for them. They debut it the next night during Luke’s set, and they wow the crowd and Jeff. He then agrees to release the new duet as a single instead of Rayna’s album with the cover art. Chalk that up as a win for Ms. Jaymes, y’all!

And this is where Deacon finally gets the push to go for a solo career once more. He told Scarlett that he had messed up every chance he had in the past, but watching Rayna and Luke sing onstage gave him the courage and passion to try it once more. “I ain’t dead, and I ain’t done,” he confidently told his niece before heading back to his hotel. Are you ready for the return of Deacon, the country star? Because we sure are!

Back in Nashville, Teddy was starting to show interest in coming with Crazy Peggy to the baby doctor, so she knew the time had come to tell the truth about how there was no baby. Hahahaha sorry, just kidding, this is Crazy Peggy we’re talking about. She fakes a miscarriage with pig blood! Teddy’s probably more disappointed that he’s already stuck with her in a marriage than he is about the lost baby. But oh well. No backing out now.

What did you think of “Hanky Panky Woman?” Are you a little nervous to see how unhappy Gunnar is with not being able to perform his own songs? Are you as excited as we are about Deacon’s possible comeback? Do you want to smack those new pink streaks out of Scarlett’s hair as bad as we do? Yeah, that last one’s obvious.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum