nashville recap avery scarlett kiss 'Nashville' recap: Juliette makes another terrible life choice while Avery and Scarlett ... reconnect

Sometimes, with all the glitz and glamor of the Nashville music business, we forget that there are some more sophisticated cultures that have long called Nashville their home. Like, say, the old money country club goers who frequent polo matches. And that upper class circus is where most of our “Nashville” favorites found themselves in Wednesday (Oct. 30) night’s all-new episode, “It Must Be You.”

By a string of coincidences, Rayna, Deacon, Julitette, Tandy, Teddy, Luke Wheeler, and Charlie and Olivia Wentworth all found themselves in their country club finest, watching a bunch of guys on horses hit a ball around a field. The event was good for some, and pretty disastrous for others. First up, Rayna and Tandy found themselves shut out of the wallets of the rich (Rayna was looking to find the capital to buy herself out from Edgehill now that Lamar’s assets are frozen) because everyone suspects that Tandy was the one to rat out Lamar (which she was, but Rayna still doesn’t know that). Teddy was working his politician’s connections to get Charlie to invest in a music festival he’s putting together, and Charlie gets Juliette to headline it. Deacon was on a date with his lawyer girlfriend, and she proved she wasn’t threatened by his past with Rayna, which made him happy. And Luke Wheeler found out that Rayna was single, which made him happy.

Juliette, who had no idea how she got invited to the polo match, was furious when she found out it was because Charlie, the married man she drunkenly slept with, invited her. He’s still really interested in her since she gave him back the car he got her, and he’s not used to people saying no to him. Juliette just thinks he’s a spoiled rich boy, but he proves to her that he’s actually a hard-working, good guy … who likes to cheat on his nasty witch of a wife because theirs is a loveless marriage.

Rayna saw the two of them talking, and correctly guessed that something was going on between them. She gives Juliette some good advice: sleeping with Charlie Wentworth, a powerful married man, might be bad for Juliette’s reputation as the country music business is made up of primarily female fans, and they don’t take too well to “the other woman.” But since Juliette is Juliette, and the advice came from Rayna, she does the exact opposite of what Rayna says, and decides to work with Charlie for six weeks planning the music festival. And by work, we of course mean have lots of sneaky sex. Too bad Charlie’s wife Olivia walked in on them having sex, snuck out before they noticed that they had been caught, and got a conniving look on her face. Oops. That can’t be good for both Charlie and Juliette … but we’re not really all that worried about Charlie.

As for the “Nashville” characters not at the polo match? All-around terrible person and friend Zoey tries to the right thing by breaking things off with Gunnar, a.k.a. her best friend’s ex-fiance. She cites the girl code, calling herself and slutty bad friend, and we could not agree more.

Zoey changes her tune, however, when she finds out that Scarlett and Avery … reconnected. How on earth did that happen? Scarlett went to get advice from Avery on how not to handle her newfound success, since Avery is the absolute best person to learn from. During their conversation, Avery displays some major maturity. He’s clearly learned his lesson from Season 1, and is working to be a better person … and Scarlett clearly sees it too, because it takes only just a tiny bit of flirting from him and she practically jumps his bones. Avery wants it to mean that they’re getting back together, but Scarlett isn’t so ready to jump back into things. However, once Zoey finds out that Scarlett and Avery might be a thing again, she figures it’s okay for her to hook up with Gunnar, and goes right for him, making out with him in the Bluebird while Scarlett’s on stage singing. What a terrible friend and person. Both Zoey and Gunnar. And here we were, thinking how great it was to see Gunnar and Avery building their bromance.

Since Juliette’s anger also prompted her to drop Scarlett from her tour (it was going to be a favor for Rayna, but that’s not happening anymore), Rayna asks Luke Wheeler to add Scarlett to his tour. He agrees, and kisses Rayna. And Rayna looks happy about it. Might some sparks be a-flying between these two, now that they’ll be seeing a lot more of each other? They’re certainly compatible, and Luke’s proven himself to be a classy guy with manners (he did ask Deacon if he was still with Rayna before making a move, rather than just stealing some other guy’s girl).

So what did y’all think of all these relationship developments? Are Deacon and Lawyer Lady good for each other (and does this mean I should finally learn her name)? How much trouble is Juliette in for her affair? Aren’t Zoey and Gunnar just the worst? Are we happy to see Scarlett and Avery possibly back together, thanks to Avery’s total character overhaul this season? And Rayna and Luke Wheeler, now that’s a match made in country music heaven.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum