What a terribly unhappy family photo above … which makes it perfect for this recap, since Rayna’s whole family went down in flames in Wednesday (Oct. 16) night’s all-new “Nashville.” So what happened in “You’re No Angel Yourself?”

Who is Rayna Jaymes without her voice?

Rayna still doesn’t know if her voice is okay after the accident — and even goes so far as to cancel her tour with Juliette (more on that later ) — and the only person she talks to about it is her dead mother. She takes her daughters and sister Tandy to her mother’s grave on her birthday but since Maddie was acting super mopey and angsty, the nice moment was totally ruined (ugh, teenagers and their angst). Tandy brought the girls back to the car while Rayna confided in her mother alone, but she had to put her emotions on hold, because Maddie’s daddy issues were only just starting.

Juliette’s plan B

Juliette doesn’t have long to bask in the glory of her new gift from Charlie (remember the married benefactor from last week that hooked up with a wasted Juliette? Yeah, he gave her a car, because according to Juliette, “I guess he liked my performance.” Oh honey, it’s not your onstage performance he’s thinking about). When she gets the news that Rayna canceled their tour, she’s livid. She’s faced with two choices: either she goes back to her tween fan base to sell out her arena tour solo, or join up with a bigger artist and open for them. 

Of course, neither of those scenarios work for Juliette, so she chooses plan C: have Edgehill’s newest hire, Layla, open for Juliette. That way her old tween fan base will still be covered while she can play her new songs. It’s a win-win … except now Juliette has to deal with Layla. Oh, the sacrifices one must make …

Crazy Peggy ruins everything

You know what doesn’t help your angsty daughter? Throwing your new fiance in her face. Unfortunately, Teddy still doesn’t know how crazy Crazy Peggy is, so he can’t avoid what happens next. After Teddy proposes to Peggy to “do right by her” — and she creepily whispers, “I loooove youuuu” into his ear, oh my god GROSS — he tells her to keep it on the down-low until he can break the news in the right way to his family. 

Of course, this is Crazy Peggy we’re talking about. She’s faking a freaking pregnancy. She “accidentally” shows off the engagement ring in front of Teddy’s whole family later that night, which sets Maddie off.

Maddie’s daddy issues

Since Crazy Peggy’s reveal was just one ridiculous thing too many, Maddie ran away from her family. She walked for miles, got lost, and called the one person she could talk to: Juliette. It’s nice to see this friendship blossoming, because it’s actually good for both girls. Maddie could use someone to tell it to her straight, and Juliette could use a genuine friendship and flex her responsible muscles every once in a while. 

Once Maddie falls asleep on Juliette’s couch, she calls Rayna to come get Maddie, and the two former enemies share a moment where Juliette admits she understands why Rayna had to cancel the tour (obviously she needs to stay home to work on her family). Look how far Juliette has come!

Deacon’s dating, and coming around to being a dad?

Deacon tries to pay his lawyer that got him out of jail, but she refuses to take his money. Instead, she asks him out on a date. Going on a date with his lawyer? That sounds like a truly terrible idea but it actually seems to go well. The two are back at Deacon’s, making out on his couch pretty quickly until Rayna shows up to tell Deacon that Maddie’s missing.

Deacon starts to flex some serious dad muscles here, and the next day, when Maddie’s back home safe and sound, the two share a touching phone call. Maddie even calls him dad! … Well, sure, she said “Dad” after they had hung up so he didn’t hear her, but their bond is definitely forming. Maddie and little sister Daphne even sing one of Deacon’s old hits later, and Rayna tries to join in … but her voice fails her.

Scarlett doesn’t know the meaning of the word “fun,” apparently

As Scarlett’s popularity keeps rising, her enthusiasm for her fame keeps falling. Seriously, has there ever been a less excited person getting their first photo shoot done? She looks miserable when she should be having the time of her life. This girl. Ugh. 

Thank goodness for her friend Zoey. She wants to have more fun with Scarlett, and brings her out to a bar to drink shots and sing onstage. Of course, some random guy takes Scarlett’s photo and asks for her autograph since she sang at the Opry recently, and once again she looks absolutely depressed. Scarlett doesn’t need a clothing makeover (though actually, she kind of does), she needs a personality makeover.

Gunnar wants to be an artist, not just a song writer

After Will’s knock-out performance last week with Gunnar’s song, Edgehill wants him to record that song. Unfortunately, Gunnar chooses this exact moment to decide, “Oh wait, I don’t want to be just a song writer. I want to perform my songs.” Worth noting: the surprising person who helps him come to this conclusion is Avery of all people. Are these two going to form a friendship against all odds? That would be kind of cool. 

Gunnar won’t let Will record his song, and the two once-best-friends have a huge fight in which Will accuses Gunnar of being jealous. Trouble in bro-paradise …

Oh yeah, remember that murder story line?

So it turns out that murder story line in the Season 2 premiere wasn’t just a fluke or a red herring. After hiring a private investigator to look into her mother’s death, Tandy finds out that Lamar really did have her killed since she was going to leave him. This shocking discovery prompts her to hand over all evidence of her father’s corrupt deals, illegal acts, and all his dirty secrets over to the State Attorney who tipped her off to the murder in the first place. Lamar Wyatt, time to lawyer up.

What did you think of this week’s all-new “Nashville?” Are you glad the show is actually committing to the murder story line, or is it just a little too ridiculous and soapy for your taste? Hit the comments below what your thoughts and opinions.

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