nashville recap ep 2 'Nashville' recap: Rayna fires the first shot in her war with Edgehill, but is it enough?

Warning: major spoilers below. If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s “Nashville,” “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now,” avert your eyes now. Everyone else, please proceed:

Rayna declared war on Edgehill Records last week on “Nashville,” and this week she fired the first shot against her new label head, Jeff. But will it be enough to keep Jeff at bay, or will he find out that Rayna lost her voice?

The end of Rayna’s singing career?

According to her contract, Rayna has to finish up one more record with Edgehill before she can split and take Highway 65 on her own. She wants to finish her last album with Liam, but he’s still pissed about her standing him up for St. Lucia (which ultimately led to her accident … maybe she should have gone with him, huh?). He forgives her, though, and the sparks start flying between these two once again. Nothing stops them from finally doing the deed.

In more professional news, they finish the album except for one teeny tiny tweak: Liam wants Rayna to re-record the vocals on one track. There’s one problem, though — Rayna can’t sing anymore.

Because of the accident — and the breathing tube that was shoved down her throat — Rayna’s vocal cords are damaged and might not recover ever. She’s not sure if she can ever sing again. Another problem? Jeff wants Rayna to sing at Edgehill’s big stockholder showcase concert, but she can’t let him know her big secret. Instead of performing onstage, Rayna brings Scarlett onstage to sing, killing two birds with one stone: Jeff won’t discover that Rayna can’t sing, and Highway 65 gets some major good publicity. Jeff is pissed, and realizes there might be more to Rayna’s decision. Will he find out her secret? Will her voice come back?

Where’s Juliette?

While all of Rayna’s drama is going down, Juliette is nowhere to be seen. Why wasn’t she at the stockholder showcase? She was building some goodwill of her own.

The Wentworth couple, a big deal in the music business as they own many radio stations, were celebrating their five year wedding anniversary and requested a private Juliette Barnes concert in Maryland. Jeff knew what a good opportunity that was, so he allowed Juliette to miss the big showcase … and spun her non-attendance as he “decided against” having her perform (what a liar).

Juliette brought her new BFF Avery with her to Maryland to meet her benefactors, Charlie and Oliva. They’re huge Juliette fans, and Charlie wants to play guitar onstage with Juliette as a surprise to his wife (she of course doesn’t leave anything to chance and has tech turn off his mic. Ha!).

While practicing, Avery overhears Juliette telling Charlie that not only is Avery not her boyfriend, he’s just “on the pay roll.” Ouch. Of course this sensitive singer gets upset and confronts Juliette after the show. He deals her some harsh truths, telling her she has no friends because she chooses to be “unavailable.” She fires him, gets drunk, and Charlie makes a move on her (because he’s not the best husband ever, he’s actually the worst). Since Juliette is mad, upset, and they’re both “unavailable,” she goes for it. Bad decision.

The most awkward double date in the history of ever

Scarlett and Will are both required to attend the showcase as they both get to perform (Scarlett’s was a surprise performance while Jeff was excited about Will’s scheduled performance). Edgehill springs for new clothes for them both, and Scarlett could not appear less enthused about it. But she ends up wowing Gunnar with her vampy look, so yay? Are we supposed to be rooting for these two? Maybe not, because although they go as a group of four as some weird, awkward double date (Will, Gunnar, Zoey, and Scarlett), Gunnar ends up asking Zoey if she wants to “get out of here.” Uh oh, that didn’t take long.

Why was Gunnar so upset and willing to do something stupid, anyways? He should be happy. Will asked to perform a song he had just finished writing, Will gave him the credit and called him the best songwriter in Nashville in front of all the stockholders, and everyone dug the song. He should be celebrating, but it looks like he doesn’t just want to be a songwriter. He’s jealous of Scarlett and Will performing onstage. Will he try to get another record deal?

Hope for Deacon?

Deacon is still refusing to go to physical therapy for his hand … until the pain gets to be too much and he finally asks for help from his doctor. Is there still hope for Deacon’s music career?

While that remains to be seen, there might be hope for him emotionally. After Coleman drops the bomb that he is moving out of Nashville for a job, and won’t be Deacon’s sponsor anymore, he helps Deacon one last time. He makes Deacon deal with the fact that the only way he will ever cope with being a father is coming to terms what his father did to him. It turns out, Deacon’s got some major daddy issues — he was a mean, abusive drunk who said Deacon would turn out just like him. 

The scene were Deacon opens up about his father in AA was a tour de force performance from Chip Esten, and a major turning point for Deacon. Even though he ended up a drunk like his dad, he never hurt a child, and promises that he never will. 

Crazy Peggy’s back (ugh, Crazy Peggy)

So Crazy Peggy is still crazy, and is still lying about being pregnant with Teddy’s baby. She is so gung ho enthusiastic about it, too. She tells Teddy that she thinks it’s a boy and wants to name it Theodore. And even more annoying? She might get away with this lie. 

Since Teddy and Rayna finalized their divorce (in the most amicable split we’ve seen on TV ever), Peggy does everything she can to rekindle her relationship with Teddy, and it looks like he’s going to go for it. Obviously she’s going to try to get pregnant again real fast so she never has to confess her lie. Barf. Crazy Peggy, go away!

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