nashville teddy 'Nashville' says goodbye to one character while Scarlett turns down the chance of a lifetime

RIP Crazy Peggy.

That’s right, in the first few moments of the midseason premiere of “Nashville,” we found out the fate of Teddy’s new wife. The bullet that was meant for the mayor went wide and hit Crazy Peggy, killing her immediately. “Nashville” didn’t waste any time in revealing that Peggy’s death is the one that sticks, but it certainly took its time in letting us know what happened with Will.

Turns out, after contemplating suicide by train for being gay, Will realized he couldn’t kill himself. He then spent some time camping in the mountains alone to come to terms with who he is, because he’s “disgusted” with himself. After Gunnar went searching for him, he “talked” some sense into him (a.k.a. threw him to the ground for even thinking about suicide) and their bromance is back on. What’s also back on is Will’s closeted ways, as he’s back to faking a relationship with Layla and ignoring Brent. One step forward, two steps back. This won’t be able to last. Will’s demons will resurface, and it won’t be pretty when they do.

Back to Crazy Peggy’s death: unfortunately for the pork blood enthusiast, Teddy seemed to be the only one really mourning for the dearly departed. Sure, Maddie said “she was nice” to her dad, but you could tell no one else was really affected by Peggy’s death, which makes everything that much sadder. Teddy’s suffering on his own, and channeling his grief into figuring out why someone wanted him dead. He’s getting closer and closer to the truth — that it was Lamar getting revenge. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Lamar’s revenge is misplaced since Tandy is the one who put him in jail, but that secret hasn’t come out yet — but you can bet it will soon enough.

Plus, Kelly Clarkson’s here, y’all! The country/pop star wants to record a song Scarlett and Gunnar wrote together, and when she watches the two perform it for her, she can sense the emotions between them was the real magic. She wants them to spend a weekend locked away together writing more songs to let that magic flow, but Scarlett, being petty Scarlett, tells Kelly that she can’t do it. Gunnar is obviously appalled that Scar would take her anger at him and Zoey and tank this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because honestly, who does that? It’s Kelly Clarkson! Scarlett, you’re such an idiot. A child. Stupid. Also stupid? Zoey says “I love you” to Gunnar who, in shock, says it back to her. But he totally didn’t mean it, right? He was just caught off guard.

Avery also can’t believe Scarlett would turn that down, rightly guessing it’s because she still has feelings for Gunnar. They have a fight, Scarlett brings up Juliette’s 2 a.m. visit, and they realize they’ve changed and don’t work together as a couple anymore. They’re like “old slippers,” meaning they tried to pick up where they left off. Scarlett and Avery break up once again, freeing Avery up to call Juliette to offer his support for her, “anytime day or night,” during her tough time. 

Juliette’s “tough time” is actually more like the worst time of her career to date. Thanks to a little video editing after some horrible person says some horrible things to her about her dead mom “burning in hell,” her protestors get more fuel to add to their fire and their animosity grows. Even though Juliette gets Layla to support her publicly, things don’t get better. Is this the end of Juliette’s career?

On the flip side of that, Deacon’s solo career is only just starting. But he’s having a hard time writing songs because for the first time in his life, he’s happy. He’s sober, has a wonderful girlfriend (who isn’t Rayna, though, so grrrrrrr), and is in a good place with daughter Maddie. So he draws on that relationship and writes a beautiful song with Maddie, and you can tell Rayna’s heartstrings were tugged. 

Will that propel Rayna to work with Deacon again? Now that she listened to the market research about her new album, she realized that she needs a single to launch it. Obviously a Rayna/Deacon song is gold, but can they write together without getting their emotions in the way? We’ll find out next week!

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum