nashville season 2 episode 20 recap 'Nashville' Season 2, episode 20 recap: Everyone plays the blame game in 'Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad' It’s been a month since Scarlett’s nasty, extremely public breakdown on the last episode of “Nashville.” But while viewers had to wait a mini-hiatus to see the fallout from Scarlett’s fall from grace, everyone on the ABC southern soap picked up immediately right where things left off at the beginning of Wednesday’s (April 30) episode, “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.”

Avery immediately ran onstage to help his ex out, shouting to kill the spotlight and try and figure out what was wrong. The tour doctor gave Scarlett a sedative and Juliette flew her on her private jet back to Nashville to get medical help. No one knew what was going on, but everyone felt the need to blame everyone else. No one was taking responsibility for her condition, even though everyone, including Scarlett herself, had a part to play in her downfall.

Deacon blames Rayna because he thought that Rayna pressured Scarlett into continuing with the tour when she clearly couldn’t handle the stress. Rayna blames Juliette, since it was Juliette’s tour and because of who Juliette is (that one seemed a tad bit unfair, but Juliette did make Scarlett go onstage when she asked not to that night, so … ). Avery also blames Juliette for pushing Scarlett onstage when she didn’t want to. Scarlett’s mom Beverly blames their family history (both Beverly and Beverly’s mother had psychotic breaks in the past), Rayna for only looking out for her own label and not Scarlett’s well-being, and Deacon for being a “mean old drunk” like their father was. And even Scarlett blames everyone else at first, from her mother for being an abusive mother and Juliette for forcing her onstage, even though her drinking and prescription pill abuse were major factors.

Scarlett was clearly in denial about the cause of her breakdown, and even the severity of it, too. She think she only had “a slight hiccup onstage,” but she’s forced to face the music when she watches a video of her breakdown. When Rayna comes back to visit Scarlett in the hospital once she gets the all-clear from the doctors that her breakdown wasn’t due to a drug addiction, Rayna asks her for an honest answer: Does Scarlett really want this life? And she finally tells the truth. She doesn’t. She can’t handle it. Rayna understands and releases her from her contract, meaning Highway 65 is now going to live or die on her album alone. That’s a lot of pressure, but at least Rayna is equipped to handle it.

Scarlett also finally tells her mother the truth, that it wasn’t their family history that put her in the hospital. It was Scarlett’s own bad choices that led her there, and she’s finally going to take responsibility for them, unlike Beverly, who never has. It’s good to see Scarlett stand up for herself, plus she told Beverly not to move to Nashville and to go back home. She needs distance from the “narcissistic, manic mess” that is Bevlery (those were Deacon’s words, not Scarlett’s).

When faced with a tough situation, Scarlett finally made the right choice. But Juliette did not. After being blamed by both Rayna and Avery for Scarlett’s breakdown, and seeing Scarlett cling to Avery and hearing Avery tell Scarlett that she has “a permanent piece” of his heart, she decides to get drunk and go out without Avery. Anger plus booze never leads to anywhere good, and this was no exception. She ends up hooking up with Jeff Fordham, of all people! Ewwww. He was also feeling down after Gunnar turned down a contract with Edgehill and he realized he was in trouble professionally, so he decided to get drunk and make bad decisions too, clearly. At the party after they hook up, they leave the room adjusting their clothes (telltale sign), and Gunnar sees the whole thing. Busted.

At least Jeff did one thing right earlier. When Layla wants her and Will to star in their own reality show, Jeff tries to convince Will that’s a bad idea seeing as how they both know Will is secretly gay. However, Jeff doesn’t want to say that out loud (for “plausible deniability”) and Will is still in major denial, so he agrees to do the show out of spite. That’s a terrible idea, and it will clearly lead to Will’s secret getting exposed, but hey, at least Jeff tried to stop it.

What’s Scarlett going to do now that she’s no longer going to be a star? Will Gunnar rat out Juliette to Avery or will she come clean on her own? Will Rayna’s album be enough to support her label? With only three episodes left of Season 2, let’s hope these questions get answered soon!
“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum