nashville season 2 episode 2 spoilers 'Nashville' Season 2 episode 2: Rayna's moving forward, civil war at Edgehill Records, and 8 more spoilers from 'Never No More'

“Nashville” Season 2 premiered Wednesday night (Sept. 25) in all its soapy, southern glory, but one hour was just not enough … we can’t wait to share with you what’s coming next week.

We’ve already screened episode 2, “Never No More,” and believe us when we say the drama does not slow down in Season 2’s second outing. If anything, the drama is amping up. While the premiere kicked off the season and tied up the loose ends from the Season 1 finale, the second episode sets up the big arc of Season 2 nicely. And what is that arc? Read on to find out, with 10 juicy, scoopy spoilers from “Never No More.”

10. Juliette kicks off the episode with a talk show appearance on “Conan,” and the redheaded host makes a hilarious appearance as himself. 

9. Rayna’s doing well post-coma, and even gets the go-ahead to come home to finish recuperating. But this overachiever doesn’t do well with sitting around doing nothing — against doctor’s orders, she’s back to work in no time.

8. It’s a good thing Rayna is back to work since Edgehill Records has been bought once again, and the new label head, Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson) is all work and no play. His first order of business? Meeting with all of his stars, including Juliette, Rayna, and Rayna’s new label artists Scarlett and Will.

7. Juliette is still struggling with growing up her image, since her tween audience isn’t exactly growing with her. But she’s firm in her choice to leave the “bubblegum and glitter” in her rearview mirror. Too bad Jeff doesn’t agree with her choice.

6. Since Jeff is all about business and hasn’t grown up in the Nashville country music business, he needs a lesson in how to assimilate into the culture. Watching Juliette teach him how to say y’all is amazing.

5. As we keep saying, Jeff is all about business, and though he seems to have Rayna’s back, all he cares about is numbers. This doesn’t sit right with Rayna, especially after Jeff makes a play that shows his true colors. A civil war is brewing at Edgehill, y’all!

4. Juliette and Avery’s growing friendship is one that takes both of them by surprise, but it’s one that they both desperately need. Especially after Juliette does something to boost her record sales that may come back “to bite her in the a**.”

3. Rayna’s new outlook on life is all about moving forward, and that’s an outlook both Deacon and Teddy don’t share. 

2. Scarlett needs a haircut. Bad. And a new wardrobe (which Jeff makes a hilariously true snide comment about when he meets her for their meeting). 

1. Gunnar’s suffering from a severe case of writer’s block despite having just suffered a huge heartbreak (which usually makes for great country lyrics). Where he finds inspiration is surprising and touching, but who helps him find that inspiration is troubling.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum