nashville season 2 finale spoilers 'Nashville' Season 2 finale spoilers: 'On the Other Hand' shakes up everyone's lives If you thought “Nashville’s” Season 1 finale was game-changing — that car crash was all anyone could talk about all summer long for many reasons (not all of them good) — then strap yourselves in for the Season 2 finale.

Airing on Wednesday (May 14), the Season 2 finale, “On the Other Hand,” is less of a huge event cliffhanger like the car crash and more of an emotional cliffhanger for everyone on the ABC drama. Make sure to check out Zap2it’s interview with creator Callie Khouri posting later today about why the writers decided to go with an emotional finale over a physical one.

But since we know that you’re dying to see the finale, here’s a couple spoilers to hold you over until “On the Other Hand” airs:

– Juliette’s internal struggles over Jeff Fordham blackmailing her to leave Highway 65 for Edgehill become unbearable thanks to Avery’s unfortunate use of the term “getting into bed with Jeff Fordham.” Of course, Avery has no idea that Juliette literally did exactly that, so it’s even more hilarious/painful.

– Maddie’s getting even closer with Deacon and even further away from Teddy, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by everyone in their complicated family.

– In the race to release both Rayna’s album and Will’s album, there are a lot of business deals and political jockeying going on in the finale. We won’t spoil who ends up winning between Edgehill and Highway 65, but it does go back and forth for pretty much the whole episode. Don’t count either side out until the very end.

– The outcome of Edgehill vs. Highway 65 has many unintended consequences that change the relationships between Rayna and Juliette, Will and Gunnar, Will and Layla and Juliette and Avery forever.

– Scarlett makes a decision about her future in Nashville at the very beginning of the finale, but that might change thanks to a surprising encounter and one of the most emotional and beautiful performances of the series that takes place at the end of the finale.

– Before Rayna’s big performance, there’s a nice callback to the beginning of the season and how far Rayna has come since her coma. It’s beautiful and understated and perfect.

– Literally everyone’s lives are shaken up in one way or another by the time the finale ends, so much so that you’re probably going to scream at your TV. Take a beat and thank the TV gods (and ABC) for renewing “Nashville” for Season 3, because if it truly ended after this finale that would have been the worst.

“Nashville’s” Season 2 finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum