natalie wood getty 2 Natalie Wood death investigation still openTwo months ago, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced it was reopening its investigation into the 1981 drowning death of actress Natalie Wood when they were contacted by sources that claimed to have new information about the incident.

The case has slowed a bit from the initial flood of new information, but Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the department, says it’s not closed.

“The investigation is not closed. It’s possible we could yield new information that changes this case. There are leads we’re following up on and have to close them out before we say anything definitive. Sure there is possible new information that could come out that really changes everything,” Whitmore tells CNN.

However, William McSweeney, the department’s chief of detectives, tells the LA Times, “At this point, it is an accidental death. Nothing has been discovered to suggest changing that at this time.”

Wood drowned after falling from a yacht in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of the Catalina Islands. Her body was found about a mile from the boat and covered with numerous abrasions and bruises, including a wound on her cheek. At the time, husband Robert Wagner and friend and co-star Christopher Walken were on the yacht with Wood.

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