Justin Bieber. He’s not the most beloved person among celebrities. In addition to the recent fight between the pop star and actor Orlando Bloom, there’s now word that Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) shut down Bieber when the latter wanted to play all of the Halo games.

Alan Tudyk, Fillion’s former “Firefly” co-star, shares the story in a video from the 2014 Nerd HQ panel during Comic-Con. You can watch the story for yourself beginning at the 28:45 mark in the video or just check out the gist of the story below:

“There was like the VIP area, and Nathan and I were on a computer playing Halo.” Tudyk explains after being asked about his favorite video game. “Bieber comes in with his crew, and they were like, ‘Excuse me’ — to Nathan — ‘You need to go! Justin Bieber’s here.’ And he’s playing on a system over there. There’s like five or six systems. ‘Justin Bieber’s here. He needs this room by himself.’ And Nathan goes, ‘Yeah, yeah. That’s not happening.'”

alan tudyk nathan fillion justin bieber halo nerd hq Nathan Fillion vs. Justin Bieber: Alan Tudyk describes their Halo conflictPresumably, the men got to continue their game.

Posted by:Laurel Brown