nathan kress into the storm gi Nathan Kress: 'Into the Storm' is a 'sexy Hollywood' found footage movie

While “Into the Storm” falls under the category of a found footage movie, there’s not a lot of the film that was actually shot by the actors holding cameras. That was done by design to keep the shaky camera to a minimum while maintaining that vantage point, according to star Nathan Kress.
“Basically, everything that I’m doing … I have the little handheld camera and my dad is yelling at me, ‘Tre run!’ and I’m following behind him,” the former “iCarly” star tells Zap2it during a group interview at the “Into the Storm” press junket. “If you wanted real found footage, that’s what it would look like, but I think we’re kind of doing the sexy Hollywood version of found footage. It’s a lot of steady cam.”
That doesn’t take away from the intensity of the scenes, though. “Yes, you’re running behind us and it feels very intense,” he adds. “You’re in the moment, down on the ground with us but you’re not getting sick watching it happen.” He thinks the way the movie was shot will allow people to appreciate the workmanship “because we aren’t driving you crazy with shaky cam.”
The movie does contain at least a little bit of footage shot by actors, though. In fact, director Steven Quale confirms, “We were fortunate enough that I think there might be at least one shot from each of the major cast members that ended up in the movies.” Just don’t expect it to be during any of the big tornado scenes. He continues, “Part of the challenge was any time there’s a lot of visual effects added to it, the quality of the consumer camcorders isn’t good enough.” Kress explains, “I feel like it’d be a lot harder to animate a tornado when you have [the camera] moving all over the place.”

Still, Quale says the fact that they were able to use any footage from the cast is “a testament of how good they were able to get.”
“Into the Storm” is in theaters Aug. 8.

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