best in show National Dog Show 2010: Clooney the Irish Setter is Best in ShowThe results are in! This Thanksgiving’s Purina National Dog Show Best in Show winner is Clooney, the three-year-old Irish Setter handled by Peter Kubacz.

“He’s a dog that I found, he is not a dog that I bred,” Kubacz says. “I’ve been showing him for the past two months. He’s a rollicking personality, totally attentive, he just loves to be shown.”

“He loves the attention; he loves people; he loves being in the ring and
being around all the people and everyone fussing over him. He is a
great show dog in that regard,” the handler continues. Clooney also lives with Kubacz, though he’s got other owners. “He sleeps on my bed or next to my bed, depending on who gets there first.
He loves to play fetch. He’s into all the toys we have. Our other dogs
really aren’t toy dogs, but he just goes through all the little places
in the house where we stash toys. He’s a very entertaining dog.”

Clooney showed in the Sporting group. Here’s the list of the rest of the big winners!

Sporting Group: Clooney, male Irish Setter

Hound Group: Hickory, 4-year-old female Scottish Deerhound

Herding Group: Beyonc�, 3-year-old female Australian Shepherd

Toy Group: Joe, 3-year-old male Affenpincher

Working Group: Scarlett, 3-year-old female Boxer

Terrier Group: Maddy, 2-year-old female American Staffordshire Terrier

Non-Sporting Group: Johnny, 6-year-old male Schipperke

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Photo: NBC

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie