whitney houston 0212 gi National Enquirer won't apologize for Whitney Houston death photo, calls it 'beautiful'Amidst extensive criticism for running an open casket photo of the late Whitney Houston on the cover of its publication, The National Enquirer isn’t apologizing. In fact they’re doubling down.

“I thought it was beautiful,” publisher Mary Beth Wright tells Fox News while defending her publication.

The cover shows Houston in a gold casket wearing a purple dress and
features the banner headline “Whitney: The Last Photo!” It also adds
that she was buried in jewelry valued at $500,000. It is believed that
the pictures were taken inside the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey.
The Houston family has yet to comment on the matter.

The National Enquirer has done this type of thing before. In 1977, they published a picture of Elvis Presley in his coffin. They also ran a photo of John Lennon after the Beatle was killed in 1980.

It is estimated that whoever sold the photo may have earned a mid six-figure payday if not more.

As mentioned before, we will not be posting the photo nor a link to it. But what do you think? Under any circumstances could this be considered “beautiful?”

Posted by:David Eckstein