constantine tv series nbc dc david goyer NBC orders 'Constantine' TV series with David Goyer: DC movies crossover on the way?

It’s hard to imagine that it was a coincidence that FOX ordered a Batman TV series called “Gotham” the night “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” premiered, but is it the DC Comics television show that TV viewers deserve? Another new comic book adaptation has been announced that has a big connection to the upcoming DC films, “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League.”

NBC is working on a TV series based on “Constantine,” a DC character previously brought to life in a 2005 Keanu Reeves film. The script will be written by “Da Vinci’s Demons” showrunner David S. Goyer, who is also writing the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film.

Goyer also was involved in the writing of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy, as well as the screenplay for “Man of Steel.” It seems like he is being shaped to be the Joss Whedon of the DC Cinematic Universe — especially since he’s rumored to be writing Justice League” as well. He is the main glue that connects the “Constantine” project to the rest of DC’s upcoming slate.

So is this “Constantine” TV series a sign that the character will one day appear in a DC feature film? Not necessarily, but it’s also not much of a stretch to think they could one day come together. After all, John Constantine spends a good deal of his time in the comics fighting alongside Justice League Dark, and that’s a movie Guillermo del Toro has been talking about making for years. Whether “Constantine” and the films crossover or not, Warner Bros. clearly is trying to dominate television with DC characters, since superheroes seem to be popular on both the big and small screen.

Are you looking forward to a “Constantine” TV series?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz