sean hayes sean saves the world nbc NBC's new fall comedies: First footage of 'Michael J. Fox Show,' 'Sean Saves the World' and 'Welcome to the Family'   Watch nowNBC’s fall 2013 schedule finds the network retreating from the workplace comedy its specialized in for so long (“The Office,” “30 Rock”) and focusing the funny on the family. The three new shows that will join lone stalwart “Parks and Recreation” on Thursdays this fall all revolve around a family unit.

“Welcome to the Family” stars Mike O’Malley and Mary McCormack as parents who must come to terms with their new blended family after their daughter gets pregnant.

“Sean Saves the World” see Sean Hayes return to NBC, playing a divorced gay dad trying to juggle his career and raising a teenage daughter. It’s the lone multi-cam show in the mix.

“The Michael J. Fox Show” is another homecoming, with the star returning to TV on the network where everything began for him with “Family Ties.” In the series, he plays Mike Henry, who put his career on hold to focus on his family and health after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Now five years later, he’s antsy to get back to work as a news anchor.

The network has made brief clips of each new show available in advance of the release of their full-length trailers on Monday (May 13) at their Upfront Presentation in New York. Of the three, “Welcome to the Family” comes across weakest. Is there even a joke in that clip?

Which new NBC comedy are you most excited for? 

Posted by:Billy Nilles