ncis los angeles 100th episode callens father reznikov 'NCIS: Los Angeles' 100th episode: Callen's father is KGB agent Nikita Alexander ReznikovThe 100th episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” revisited the on-going story arc of Agent Callen’s life, which dates back decades to his mother as a CIA agent being assassinated by the Comescu family in Romania.

The case this week is an operation to find Callen’s father, allegedly Michael Reinhardt, who is kidnapped by the Comescu family — they leave a bloody message on the wall that reads, “Callen, we have your father” along with a severed finger. The team thinks the Comescus kidnapped Callen’s father because Vasile Comescu blames Callen for killing his brother.

We know from the opening flashforward that Reinhardt actually says his name is Nikita Alexander Reznikov and the Comescus shoot him twice in the back as they force Callen to watch.

It doesn’t take long to get to the flashforward — the moments leading up to it include several explosions and a firefight that leaves Hanna unconscious how we saw him in the opening frames and Assistant Director Granger shot in the shoulder (but he survives).

After Reznikov is shot, the “NCIS” team busts in to save Callen, who hears who he thinks is his father say, “Tell him the debt is paid” with his dying breath.

In the end, it turns out that Michael Reinhardt, a.k.a. Reznikov, a.k.a. Hans Schreiber, is an East German refugee and is not Callen’s father. Hetty posits that Callen’s father helped Schreiber flee East Germany and start a new life and that he owed Callen’s father the “debt’ he referred to.

Schreiber was keeping track of Callen and his sister until their father could come back for them. Reznikov (the real one) is actually Callen’s father, a major in the KGB who was sent to a labor camp in Siberia in 1974.

Schreiber had an old movie, labeled “Mor Cembr” (“my family”), of Reznikov pushing Callen on a swing as a little boy and the episode ends as Callen watches it … and cries.

What did you think of “NCIS: LA’s” 100th episode? We liked it and we hope that some day they manage to locate Callen’s father and reunite them.

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